Happy New Year 2023! May this year bring you joy, prosperity, and all the things you wish for. Here are few properties of the number $2023$

$2023$ Prime factorization

\[2023 = (2+0+2+3)(2^2+0^2+2^2+3^2)^2 = 7\cdot17^2\]

$2023$ is Harshad number

It is an integer that is divisible by the sum of its digits $\sigma=2+0+2+3=7$

$2023$ is a polite number

It can be written as the sum of two or more consecutive positive integers

\[2023=111 +112+ \ldots +126+ 127\]

$2023$ and prime numbers around

The previous prime is $2017$. The next prime is $2027$, Follow us before:-)

$2023$ Complete list of divisors

\[1\space7\space 17\space 119\space 289\space 2023\]